Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern Style

What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

It is an interior design concept inspired by Bauhaus designers and architects who immigrated to America from Germany right after the second World war. They pioneered the design movement that is today known as Mid-Century modern. A key trait of this interior design style is functionality and simplicity that gives gentle organic curves, clean lines, and a love for different materials which add to its diversity. There is somewhat a disagreement as to when this period really started although it is estimated that it lasted from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s. Nonetheless, the style quality is so impeccable, it continues to mesmerize today’s homeowners.

Background and Influences

After the Second World war, the suburbanization and expansion of American cities created a demand for modern furnishings for modern homes. The advancements in technology that had begun taking shape also led to the development and production of a range of new materials that made it possible to explore new effects, textures, and colors.

Distinguishing Features

It is considered an understated look yet classic that has minimal fuss with clear lines and undertones. Other traits include;

  • Geometric and organic forms
  • Functionality
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Non-traditional as well as traditional materials

Materials and Color

Over time, there has been the implementation of new materials such as plastic from modern designers of mid-century style. Initially, the traditional material was wood but that has transcended into plywood, vinyl, glass, metal, lucite, and plexiglass. As for color, the artistic direction called for the use of white and black but nowadays, bold and neutral colors is used more.

How To Furnish In Mid-Century Style

Most people seek to replicate this style how it was back in the day while implementing it in modern households. From the furnishings to architecture it proves to be a rather costly exercise, even though it is worth every penny in the long run, owing to the timeless nature of the design. To pull it off, one needs authentic pieces or replicas, particularly of furniture whose quality and likeness are something next to the original. It is still possible to shop for furniture pieces that are closer in design to the originals that are much costlier.


There are numerous publications that you can read through for more insight on this interior design style. They detail the materials that you need including color concepts. Among them is you can check out Tylko’s guide to Mid-Century modern here https://journal.tylko.com/mid-century-modern-style-a-timeless-classic-2/.